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Thanksgiving: 3 ways to bless & mobilize your ministry partners

Ian Hsu Nov 15, 2022

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reconnect with your partners, especially in this season focused on reflection and worship. Keep in mind that your ministry partners are often quite busy and stressed during this time of year, which is why engaging them with prayer can be so meaningful.

Considering that, here are three suggested communication topics that can bless and encourage your supporters this Thanksgiving season.

1. Ask for prayer for Thanksgiving ministry or travel

Holidays often present opportunities for ministry. The Holy Spirit empowers gospel outreach through hospitality and can bring reconciliation to difficult relationships as we reconnect with loved ones. It’s a gift to pray for one another during this time, and it’s a gift to invite your ministry partners to participate in God’s work. Your supporters’ connection with the Kingdom of God and your ministry is beautiful. So don’t be shy to share, but keep your prayer requests short, specific, and timely. Here’s an example:

Example prayer request: “We are hosting 5 local families for our annualAmerican Thanksgiving dinner this year. Can you please pray for us as wecelebrate and discuss God’s goodness together? Thankyou!”

2. Thank the Lord for your ministry partners

Send a few private messages to let your ministry partners know how grateful you are for them. Their faithful financial and prayer support to you are extreme blessings. Let them know. And in your personal prayer time, ask God for good next steps to encourage and deepen your relationship with your supporters. Here’s an example:

Example message: “Happy Thanksgiving, Ian! I wanted to let you know that I’mprayvine for you as you gather with extended family this week. Please let meknow how I can pray for you.”

3. Share recorded prayers with individual ministry partners

People love hearing from you, and there are few gifts more precious than prayer and an intimate message. Through Prayvine, you can privately record a voice prayer and share it with an individual ministry partner. Ministry partner relationships are central to our lives and this is a wonderful, personal way to stay in touch.

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