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How is Prayvine free? All about our financial model

Ian Hsu Jun 5, 2023

People often ask how we’re able to offer Prayvine for free to mission workers and their prayer partners. It’s very simple: Prayvine is 100% donor funded. Like the mission workers we serve, we raise financial support to operate the ministry.

We love being donor funded! Beyond financial support, we receive prayer, encouragement, and accountability from our ministry partners. They are a huge part of the ministry and are vital to Prayvine’s work.

Here are some additional questions we’re frequently asked regarding our financial model and sustainability:

Does Prayvine receive income by showing ads?

No. You will never see paid ad placements on Prayvine. Prayer is an act of dependence that declares God’s sufficiency. We do not want to draw attention away from prayer by showing advertising on Prayvine.

Does Prayvine receive income by selling or sharing user data?

No. Prayvine will never sell or share user data to generate revenue. Our privacy policy makes it clear that ensuring our users’ privacy is something we take extremely seriously. After all, being trustworthy is an act of obedience and faithfulness to the Lord.

Does Prayvine receive income by taking a percentage of donations?

No. On Prayvine, mission workers can include a link to a donation page of their choice. There are zero fees associated with this customized donation link. Prayvine doesn’t see or know about any donations given through the link; we just want to facilitate giving through whatever you’re already using to receive donations.

Does Prayvine solicit donations from its users?

Twice per year (around Easter and Christmas), Prayvine invites its most active prayer team owners to partner financially with us. These donations are strictly voluntary and are not required to continue using Prayvine. Prayvine will never solicit donations from mission workers’ prayer partners.

Does Prayvine plan to charge fees in the future?

Every product feature currently available on Prayvine – and every new feature we are actively working on – is intended to be free forever. Some potential features we are considering (e.g. text messaging) have different economies of scale, and we don’t have enough information yet to know whether we can offer these specific features for free. Our goal is to keep as much of Prayvine free for as long as possible, but it is possible that Prayvine could include a small number of paid features at some point in the future.

Is Prayvine’s quality compromised because it’s free?

Prayvine was created by a team of Stanford, Princeton, and University of Michigan alumni who previously worked at Google, Intel, and Soundhound. We have been working on Prayvine since 2014, and more than 100 mission organizations have used Prayvine to mobilize prayer. We just happen to be inspired by God’s grace and generosity, and want to follow the example set by Jesus! Hopefully, this background can provide some assurance that Prayvine’s quality isn’t compromised because it’s free.

Is Prayvine’s security weaker because it’s free?

We’ve published a learning center article with a detailed description of Prayvine’s security features and best practices. Please let us know if you have any specific concerns or requirements about security.

How can I make a donation to support Prayvine’s work and ministry?

If you’re excited about our ministry and want to help missionaries receive more prayer, we invite you to make a donation to support our work! You can make a donation online or send a check to Prayvine, 8320 French Oak Dr, Orlando, FL 32835. Prayvine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law in the United States.

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