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Prayvine toolkit for support-raising coaches

Ian Hsu May 3, 2023

Are you coaching or helping someone who’s raising support for mission work? We’ve assembled a toolkit with videos, links, and resources to help you and the person you are helping make the most of Prayvine.

1. How to coach others to mobilize prayer effectively

Research makes it clear that the very best way to mobilize prayer is to send a single prayer request, at the moment prayer is needed most. Missionary partners value prayer requests more than any other type of information, and real-time prayer requests increase the likelihood of donations.

Support-raising coaches can download or share a one-page handout summarizing research findings and best practices. Prayvine will ship paper copies of this handout anywhere in the world for training, conferences, or events. Just submit this form to request paper copies. Prayvine will cover all shipping costs.

2. How to help someone learn about Prayvine

You can share this one-paragraph description of Prayvine with others:

Prayvine (https://www.prayvine.org) is a free, secure communication platform for prayer requests that results in 10-20 times more response than email newsletters. Mission workers from over 100 organizations have used Prayvine. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a prayer team, and one-on-one support is available.

You can also share two short videos about what Prayvine is and how it works:

What is Prayvine?

Demo: How does Prayvine work?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available on the Prayvine Help Center, and our online Learning Center has a growing collection of articles on prayer mobilization.

3. How to contact Prayvine for customized training needs

Customized training and support is available for missions agencies, churches, or other organizations. Prayvine’s founder, Ian Hsu, can provide workshops and demos via video meetings or in-person at missions gatherings. Please let us know about the unique training needs of your organization and how we can help.

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